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Computer Vision Group
TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology
Technical University of Munich

Technical University of Munich



Dr.-Ing Yan Xia

Postdoctoral ResearcherTechnical University of Munich

School of Computation, Information and Technology
Informatics 9
Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching

Fax: +49-89-289-17757
Office: 02.09.044
Mail: Yan.Xia@tum.de


My research interests focus on 3D scene understanding, like localization, detection and tracking, shape completion, and segmentation. I am looking for highly self-motivated collaborators, talented and enthusiastic students, who are interested in Autonomous Driving and Robotics. Feel free to get in touch with me via email. Please find more details about my work on my personal webpage

Open Research Projects

Master Thesis / IDP / Guided Research (TUM students only)

I always offer the Master Thesis / IDP / Guided Research project related to 3D scene understanding.

Open positions now (From 03.05.2023):

Master Thesis: 3D reconstruction from a single moving camera (Co-supervise with Felix Wimbauer and Sergei Solonets)

The aim of this project is to reconstruct dense and accurate 3D point clouds based on a single moving camera. Learning-based methods and new datasets will be explored.

If you are interested in this project and fulfill the following requirement, feel free to contact me, Felix (felix.wimbauer@tum.de), and Sergei (S.Solonets@tum.de) via email with your CV and transcript.

  • good background in math;
  • Practical Python or C++ programming skills;
  • Familiar with Pytorch or Tensorflow deep learning framework;
  • have attended at least one related CV course or seminar.

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Informatik IX
Computer Vision Group

Boltzmannstrasse 3
85748 Garching info@vision.in.tum.de

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CVPR 2023

We have six papers accepted to CVPR 2023.


NeurIPS 2022

We have two papers accepted to NeurIPS 2022.


WACV 2023

We have two papers accepted at WACV 2023.


Fulbright PULSE podcast on Prof. Cremers went online on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


MCML Kick-Off

On July 27th, we are organizing the Kick-Off of the Munich Center for Machine Learning in the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.