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Monocular Visual Odometry Dataset

We present a dataset for evaluating the tracking accuracy of monocular Visual Odometry (VO) and SLAM methods. It contains 50 real-world sequences comprising over 100 minutes of video, recorded across different environments – ranging from narrow indoor corridors to wide outdoor scenes.

All sequences contain mostly exploring camera motion, starting and ending at the same position: this allows to evaluate tracking accuracy via the accumulated drift from start to end, without requiring ground-truth for the full sequence.

In contrast to existing datasets, all sequences are photometrically calibrated: We provide the exposure times for each frame as reported by the sensor, the camera response function and the lens attenuation factors (vignetting). Further, we propose a simple approach to non-parametric vignette and camera response calibration, which require minimal set-up and are easy to reproduce.

Dataset Download

  • Individual sequences:

Sequence name Number of frames Duration FPS Min exposure Max exposure Download Preview Video Preview Video Rectified
sequence_01 4757 95.13s 50.02 1.66ms 19.98ms zip (1.30GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_02 3500 69.98s 50.01 2.64ms 19.98ms zip (0.88GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_03 5427 108.55s 50.00 0.24ms 13.93ms zip (1.51GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_04 6921 138.47s 50.00 1.01ms 19.98ms zip (1.83GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_05 6300 125.97s 50.01 0.11ms 19.98ms zip (2.01GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_06 4500 90.04s 50.01 2.81ms 19.98ms zip (1.21GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_07 3556 71.10s 50.01 0.87ms 7.45ms zip (0.94GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_08 4300 86.08s 50.01 1.09ms 19.98ms zip (1.01GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_09 2300 46.00s 50.04 5.03ms 15.03ms zip (0.38GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_10 2100 41.98s 50.01 4.76ms 17.09ms zip (0.36GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_11 1500 59.95s 25.00 0.58ms 17.47ms zip (0.25GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_12 2250 89.99s 24.99 0.14ms 16.28ms zip (0.38GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_13 1800 71.98s 24.99 0.47ms 32.13ms zip (0.28GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_14 1550 61.93s 25.02 3.86ms 39.94ms zip (0.23GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_15 2700 107.91s 25.01 0.32ms 32.27ms zip (0.50GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_16 1850 73.93s 25.01 4.95ms 23.50ms zip (0.30GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_17 4980 124.39s 40.03 0.34ms 2.37ms zip (0.99GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_18 6200 154.94s 40.01 0.68ms 4.30ms zip (1.12GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_19 8380 209.43s 40.00 0.09ms 1.00ms zip (1.65GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_20 5380 134.45s 40.00 0.11ms 12.96ms zip (1.10GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_21 5470 273.68s 20.00 0.05ms 1.89ms zip (1.47GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_22 6340 316.98s 20.00 0.06ms 0.28ms zip (1.79GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_23 3740 124.64s 29.99 0.42ms 3.17ms zip (0.89GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_24 3500 116.64s 29.99 0.45ms 3.83ms zip (0.77GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_25 4090 136.31s 29.99 0.41ms 3.87ms zip (0.96GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_26 2760 91.95s 30.01 6.35ms 33.31ms zip (0.36GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_27 3480 115.98s 30.02 0.03ms 0.16ms zip (0.69GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_28 5550 185.31s 30.01 0.37ms 33.29ms zip (0.70GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_29 8400 280.03s 30.02 0.01ms 0.69ms zip (2.30GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_30 1800 85.30s 21.09 0.01ms 0.21ms zip (0.45GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_31 3240 153.59s 21.09 0.01ms 0.26ms zip (0.85GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_32 2700 127.99s 21.09 0.01ms 0.26ms zip (0.72GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_33 2760 91.92s 30.01 0.02ms 0.43ms zip (0.68GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_34 4290 203.38s 21.09 0.02ms 0.76ms zip (1.12GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_35 2550 85.06s 30.00 5.47ms 33.31ms zip (0.36GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_36 2350 78.29s 30.00 6.01ms 33.31ms zip (0.32GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_37 2970 98.96s 30.00 3.63ms 33.31ms zip (0.38GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_38 3330 133.17s 25.00 1.19ms 10.95ms zip (0.37GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_39 3540 141.65s 24.99 1.52ms 14.56ms zip (0.38GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_40 4350 174.42s 25.00 1.22ms 13.05ms zip (0.44GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_41 3100 123.98s 24.99 5.34ms 25.52ms zip (0.42GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_42 4830 224.49s 21.53 0.02ms 10.59ms zip (1.14GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_43 2160 100.28s 21.53 0.05ms 1.12ms zip (0.66GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_44 2100 97.50s 21.53 0.03ms 15.00ms zip (0.45GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_45 3000 99.99s 29.99 0.14ms 0.66ms zip (0.93GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_46 4110 137.07s 29.99 0.08ms 2.08ms zip (1.02GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_47 3260 129.84s 25.13 0.35ms 4.26ms zip (0.99GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_48 3250 129.41s 25.13 0.36ms 4.74ms zip (0.96GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_49 3255 129.48s 25.13 0.21ms 1.78ms zip (0.82GB) play (5x) play (5x)
sequence_50 4050 161.12s 25.13 0.27ms 1.65ms zip (1.12GB) play (5x) play (5x)

Calibration sequences

  • All calibration sequences zip (13GB)
  • Individual sequences:

Sequence name Download Preview Video
narrowGamma_scene1 zip (2.02GB) play (5x)
narrowGamma_scene2 zip (1.20GB) play (5x)
narrowGamma_sweep1 zip (0.37GB) play (5x)
narrowGamma_sweep2 zip (0.76GB) play (5x)
narrowGamma_sweep3 zip (0.29GB) play (5x)
narrowGamma_vignette zip (0.35GB) play (5x)
narrow_checkerboard1 zip (0.27GB) play (5x)
narrow_checkerboard2 zip (0.05GB)
narrow_sweep1 zip (0.51GB) play (5x)
narrow_sweep2 zip (0.40GB) play (5x)
narrow_sweep3 zip (0.20GB) play (5x)
narrow_vignette zip (0.32GB) play (5x)
narrow_whitePaper zip (0.04GB) play (5x)
wideGamma_scene1 zip (1.56GB) play (5x)
wideGamma_sweep1 zip (0.53GB) play (5x)
wideGamma_sweep2 zip (0.70GB) play (5x)
wideGamma_vignette zip (0.41GB) play (5x)
wideGamma_vignette2 zip (0.42GB) play (5x)
wide_checkerboard1 zip (0.24GB) play (5x)
wide_checkerboard2 zip (0.04GB)
wide_sweep1 zip (0.46GB) play (5x)
wide_sweep2 zip (0.59GB) play (5x)
wide_vignette zip (0.55GB) play (5x)
wide_vignette2 zip (0.27GB) play (5x)
wide_whitePaper zip (0.06GB) play (5x)


Unless stated otherwise, all data in the Monocular Visual Odometry Dataset is licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution License (CC BY 4.0) and the accompanying source code is licensed under a BSD-2-Clause License.


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